AHA Exfoliating Lactic Peel 6%


Gentle Yet Effective AHA Revitalizing Peel Water Removes Dead Skin Cells, Brightens Complexion & Unclogs Pores Without Causing Irritation Or Dryness To The Skin. An Effective Treatment To Minimize Appearance Of Pores, Smoothen Fine Lines & Improve Uneven Skin Tone. AHA Revitalizing Peel Water Contains 6% Lactic Acid, Lavender Oil & Orange Peel Oil. Gentle And Revitalizing Treatment for A Fresh Glowing Looking Skin.

Best For: All Types Of Skin, Aging Skin, Oily/Acne Skin , Sensitive

How To Use: Apply With Cotton Pads & Gently Wipe On Clean Skin

 Acne/Oily Skin: Use 4-5 Times A Week

Aging, Dull Or Dry Skin: Use 2-3 Times Per Week


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